System integrator of Control4

Smart homes

Integration at home acts as the system integrator of Control4.  Control4 offers systems that allow you to take control of your home. With Control4, your home becomes a smart home, where all the smart devices find each other perfectly and make your home a lot more energy efficient. Sit back and control your home as if you were in your car.

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Smart Home – Operating System Your home, simplified

While life gets busier, Control4 brings peace and simplicity into the home. Top technology, easy to drive, safe, economical and comfortable. More than ever, your home is becoming a place of tranquillity.

Smart Home – Personalisation, You’re in control

With Control 4, you control the house, with possibilities and benefits derived from your fingers With a touch screen and the necessary apps, your home does what you want it to do. It is simple.

Sometimes the little things are the big things.

Control4 Smart Lighting lights up your home and your life. Coming home or leaving with light? Easy. Play music or open or close doors at the same time? Effortless. Want to check who is at the front door and have a chat from a distance? Simple. Control4, the chef in the house.

Multi-room audio

Your favourite music throughout your home.

Multi-room audio

Stream your favourite playlist at full volume throughout the house or enjoy it softly in the kitchen. Multiroom audio with high resolution from Control4, plays your favourite music anywhere or in just one room, at the touch of a button.

Streaming music services

Control4 offers a wide choice and on-demand entertainment with the most popular music streaming services, including apps that come as standard on every Control4 system. From Mozart to Metallica, everyone in the family can stream their favourite artists, stations and playlists in their own space, without the need for additional devices. These music streaming services may require the end user to have an account with the service. All streaming services are subject to  limitations, including geographical limitations of the specific service.

High resolution – difference

Enjoy powerful, emotional and memorable audio. It is easy to accept lower sound quality when you are on the move, such as in the car or at work. But at home, you must not compromise on quality. Enjoy an emotional experience that a true audiophile appreciates, with all the details, timbres and textures that the artist intended.

Smarthome magic

Create the perfect magic to relax and really enjoy your music. At the touch of a button or with a simple voice command, the lights dim, the curtains lower, music starts playing and the front door locks. When your music matches other devices in the house, life becomes more enjoyable.

A cinematic experience

In your house

The perfect theatre room

Your theatre is more than just a place to watch a film. Your theatre is meant to be a place of seclusion, drawing you away from the outside world and leading you straight into action.

It’s the perfect ambiance in which your family gets lost in cinema magic, the place where friends can enjoy that great game or the next binge-worthy series. A room you never want to leave because the viewing experience brings everything to life.

Only the best equipment is good enough

If you have an uncompromising love of high quality picture and sound, only first-class entertainment equipment will do.

Control4 builds some of the best products available to create unsurpassed cinematic moments in your home theatre. We also work with your favourite leading brands in projectors, screens, audio systems and more.

And to make your investment worth every penny, everything is unified and orchestrated through one effortless system, simplifying the experience and making it even more magical.

One remote control, simplified control

A tap on the “movie” button drops the screen, activates the projector, queues up the sound and dims the lights. Enjoy a simplified viewing experience by replacing multiple remote controls with just one. Sleek, sophisticated and user-friendly for the whole family. Easy control with Control4 makes your home cinema magical. 

Layered lighting

Lighting is an integral part of your cinematic experience and with Control4 it is fully integrated. When you press “play”, your overhead lights are lowered, while the ramps are placed in the most optimal viewing levels. By pressing “pause”, the lights come on again.

Let Control4 take the guesswork out of your theatre lighting control. From accents to starlit ceilings, from aisle lighting to dimmable cans. You create the perfect atmosphere with smart lighting that is both intuitive and convenient.


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